Frequently asked questions

What is the admission procedure?

For your admission form click on Academics under the menu bar and follow the procedure.

What is DONRS?

DONRS is an acronym for Desire of Nation Redeemer's School

How do i make purchase of items from school such as uniform?

Parents can purchase uniforms for their children at in store or online store at school website “School Essentials” as well as at the school store. Pupils without the prescribed uniforms will not be allowed into classes. Note that hair attachments, excessive hair ornaments, dangling/large ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets and wristbands are not allowed in the school. Hair should be neatly plaited for girls and neatly cut for boys.

Do I give money to my child or children to school for snacks or lunch?

Be reminded that pupils are not allowed to handle cash in the school. Parents who wish their children to make purchases in the school shop are to submit all cash to their class teachers. All cash found with pupils would be confiscated.

When do pupils resume school on daily bases & when do they close for the day?

Pupils' resumption time is 7am from Monday - Friday and closes by 1.30pm for Early Years while Year Group closes by 2pm. On club days, which is Mondays & Wednesdays, they close by 3pm.

What is the composition and classroom

Students' classroom distribution ranges from 12 to 20 children per class.

Where is Desire of Nations Redeemer's School Located?

Desire of Nations Redeemer's School is located in City center of Abuja at Plot 496 Obafemi Awolowo Way Jabi Abuja.